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Postal Assistants  [in Post Office/GPO/HO] (PAPO)
Sorting Assistants [in Railway Mail Service]  (SARMS)
Postal Assistants (Savings Bank Control Organization) (PASBCO)
Postal Assistants (Foreign Post Organization) (POFPO)
Postal Assistants (Returned Letter Offices) (PARLO)
Postal Assistants (Mail Motor Services)  (POMMS)
Postal Assistants (Circle And Regional Offices) (PACO -RO)


1.      Who was awarded Gandhi Peace Prize 2013 by Government of India:
             Chandi Prasad Bhatt (A)
2.      Who become the 2014 Hockey India League Champion?
              Delhi Wave Riders (C)
3.      Identify the state with unicameral legislature:
4.      The present Governer of the state of Kerala is?
            Mrs. Shiela Dixit (A)
5.      Highly polluted water could have BOD value of:
17ppm or more (A)
6.      Uber cup and Thomas cup are associated with :
7.      The headquater of International Olympic Committee is situated at:
             Lausanne, Switzerland (A)
8.      “Lona” word is related to:
Wrestling (C)
9.      Nitrogen is available for plants in the form of:
Nitrate (C)
10.  One star is going away from Earth. Then the observer on the Earth will experience:
Increase in wave length (B)
11.  Natural rubber is a polymer of the following unsaturated hydrocarbon:
            Isoprence (C)
12.  Acid Rain destroys vegetation because it contains:
           Sulphuric Acid (B)
13.  To provide opportunities for education to the child or as the case may be, ward between the age of six andfourteen years is a:
            Fundamental Right under Indian Constitution (A)
14.  Find the incorrect statement with respect to duration of house of Parliament:
While the proclamation of emergency is in operation for maximum period allowed under the constitution of India and has ceased to operate, the period of House of the people may be extended for a period of one year and not beyond.(C)
15.  Who shall be the ex-officio Chairman of Council of States:
             The Vice President of of india (B)
16.  Dilwara temple is at:
            Mount Abu (B)
17.  In the third battle of Panipat Marathas were defeated by:
            Afghans (B)
18.  Output at Break Even point is that output at which producer is able to:
           Recover only operating cost (A)
19.  Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in South India:
Anai Mudi (A)
20.  Which one of the following is most likely to occur if the Reserve bank of India lowers the Cash Reserve Ratio?
An Increase in aggregate savings (A)
21.  Which soil is more suitable for crops like cashew nut?
             Red laterite soil (A)
22.  Which one of the following is a Rabi crop?
            Mustard (C)
23.  Which of the following state is termed as “God’s own country”
             Kerala (A)
24.  Who among the following is the chief Election Commissioner?
            V.S. Sampath (A)
25.  The bill  to carve out Telangana received the assent of the President of India on:
             March 1, 2014 (A)

26.  The difference between a number and its three fifth is  What is the number?
            125 (B)
27.  A piece of string is in the form of a rectangle 8.9 cm long and 5.4 cm broad is reshaped and bent into the form of a circle. Find the radius of the circle:
            4.55 cm (C)
28.  The base of a triangular field is 3 times more than its altitude. If the cost of cultivating the field at Rs 280 per hectare is Rs 3780, find its base and altitude:
            Base 300 m, Altitude 900 m (C)
29.  Find the percentage of pure gold in 17 carat gold, If 24 carat gold is 100% pure gold:
70 5/6% (B)
30.  Ritu had 400 mangoes. She sold 60 mangoes at 25% gain and 80 mangoes 20% gain, 120 mangoes at 10% gain and 140 mangoes at 20% loss%. Her net gain/loss percent is:
33% gain (C)
31.  Rice is now being sold at Rs 30per kg. During last month its cost was Rs 24. Find by how much percent a family reduces its consumption so as to keep the expenditure fixed:
            20% (A)
32.  A mixture contains alcohol and water in the ratio of 5:4. If 18 L of water is added to the mixture, the ratio of alcohol in the mixture initially
            40 L (C)
33.  One-half of a certain number is equal to 65% of the 2nd number. Find the ratio of 1st to 2nd number:
            10:13 (A)
34.       The Marked price of a radio is Rs.3840. The Shopkeeper allow a discount of 10Ú and gains 8% in the whole transaction. If no discount is given his gain percent would be:
20% (A)
35.       At what rate of annual simple interest. A sum will amount  to five times in 16 years ?
25% (C)
36.       36 workmen are employed to finish a certain  work in 48 days. But it is  found that in 24 days, only 2/5 work is done. How many more men must be taken to finish the  work in time.
            18 (C)
37.       The average age of 33 students and  the class teacher  in a class is 15 years. If the class teacher’s age is 48 years. What would be the  average age of only  the students?
            14 Years (C)
38.       A bike runs at the speed of 50 km/hr when not serviced and runs at 60 km/hr when serviced. After  servicing  the bike covers a certain distance  in 6 hours. How much time will the bike take to  cover the same distance  when not  serviced?
            7.2 hours (C)
DIRECTIONS : (Que.No.39 to 42) what should come in place of the question mark(?)
39.       152x3 21= ?
                     19   59
            8 (C)
40.       28 x 5 x 10395 =  150 x?
            7     9   11
            8 (B)
41.       19.30x1.7  ¸ 13.46 = ?
             46.27 (C)
42.       0.06x0.06x0.06+0.04x0.04x0.04 =?
            0.10     (A)
43.       The ratio of father’s age to that of the daughter’s  age is 4:1. The  product of their present ages is 196, the ration  of their ages 5 years hence would be:
            11:4 (A)
44.       Three natural numbers are in the ratio 2:3:4. If the  sum of squares of these numbers is 261 then determine the numbers.
            6,9,12 (B)
45.       Rs.33,630 is divided amongst Ravi, Ashok and Prakash such that
            The amount of Ravi: amount of Ashok = 3:7 and the amount of Ashok : amount of Prakash = 6:5 the money received  by Ashok is :
            Rs.16,382 (D)
46.       A Certain number of men can do a piece of work in 40 days. If there had been 6 men more it could have been finished in 8 days less. Find the number of men?
            24 men (A)
47.       The permeters of a square and a regular hexagon are equal. The ration of the area of the  hexagon to the area of the square is:
                 2  3:3 (B)
48.       The sum of two numbers is 22. Five  times one number is equal to 6 times the other. The smaller of the  two number is
            10 (A)
49.       A hall 50 m along and 45 m broad is to be paved with square  tiles. Find  the largest tile as well as its number in the given  option so that the tiles exactly fit in the hall ?
            25sqm and 90 tiles (C)
50.       The difference between the compound  interest and the simple  interest  on a certain sum of money at 12% per annum  for 2 years is Rs 1800. Find the principal  sum when the  interest is compounded annually
            Rs. 1,25,000 (B)

DIRECTIONS: The following sentence has been given in present perfect tence in pasive voice. Transform the sentence in present indefenit tence in active voice and mark your answer accordingly.
51.       Crops have  been destroyed  by floods :
            C)        floods destroye crops
Directions: Change the following singuler nouns in to correct plural form
52.       Sheaf
            A) Sheaves
Change the  following sentence given in Direct Speech into indirect Speech and mark correct answer choosing  form opposition given :
53.       Ram said “ the horse died in the night”
            B) Ram said that the horse had died in the night
54.       The prince said “ it gives me grate pleasure  to be  there this evening
            D) The prince said that it  gave him great pleasure to be there that evening
Directions: Change the  following sentence given in Indirect Speech and mark correct answer choosing  form options given :
55.       He said that the had  to go home at once
            A) He said “I must go home at once.”
56.       “Would  you  mind  passing   the salt I Said to him”
D) I asked him if he  would  mind passing the salt.
Directions: Idently the tense  in the following  sentence:
57.       I had never been visited by him before :
            C) Past indefinite  Tense
Directions: (Question No 58& 59) Pick the choice closest to the meaning of the word given in capital
58.       FULGENT
            D) Diverse
59.       GREGATIOUS :
            A) Sociable
Directions: (Question No 60&61) Against each key word are given four suggested  meaning . Choose the word or phrase   which is opposite in meaning in key word.
60.       Fable
            B) Truth
61.       EUPHONIOUS
            A)  Strident
Directions: In the following  question four sentence  have been given. Out of the four option given one is grammatically  incorrect : identity the one and mark your answer.
62.       C) These graphs are tasting sour.
 Directions: Use correct  tense and fill in the  blank to make the correct sentence.
63.       He…… to Kolkata yesterday
            A) went
Directions: Given are the  four sentence. Choose the sentence which belongs to the class” adverb of manner”
64.       A)        She sings delightfully
65.       Identify  the sentence with no adverb :
            A) He behaves best
66.       In the following sentence use appropriate  adverb which modifies the whole sentence :
            ………………………….Ram escaped unhurt.
            B)        Luckily
Directions: Choose the  appropriate  preposition to fill in the blank .
67.       Do not loiter……. The street.
            C) on
68.       The book lies……. The table.
            A) on
69.       The driver jumped…..the car
            D) from
70.       Our plane stopped….Mumbai airport on the way to Italy
D) at
Directions: Use appropriate subordinating conjunction  expressing a negative purpose to complete the sentence
71.       He fled…….he should be killed.
            B) Lest
Directions: Use appropriate compound conjunction to fill up the blank to the make the sentence  complete
72.       You can borrow  the book… return it soon
            D)        Provided that
73.       I must  refuse your request……..i believe it  unreasonable
            D)        In as much as
Directions:   Identity    the incorrect singular forms among the following
74.       Identity incorrect plural forms among the followings:
A)    Steps- daughter
75.    If” lives”  is plural form of noun , then what is its singular form
         B)          life


76.    Harshit said, “My mother is the daughter of 76 Sohan’sbrother”. What us Sohan’s relation  with Harshit?
         D)         None of these
77.    Calf  is related cow in the same way as cat is related to
         B) Kitten
78.    If winter is called spring, spring is called rains, rains is called swimming, swimming  is called cloudy and cloudy  is called kala pani then when does it rain?
         C)  none of these – correct answer is Kalapani
79.    Seema is taller than Rekha. Anjana is taller than  Seema. Sejal is taller than Anjana.Shefali is the  tallest. If they are arranged according to their heights who will be in the middle.
        A)          Anjana
80.    How manytimes from 4 am to 4 Pm the hands of clock are at right angles.?
         A)         24
81.    Akash walks 5km. towards  East and then turns left  and walks  6km. Again he turns right and walks 7km. finally he turns to his right and walks 6km. How far is he from the starting point?
         C)         12 km
82.    If in a certain code  language  BALE is written as + ¸& x and SKIP is written as -@      
                    %  how is LIFE  written in that code?
         D) None of these
DIRECTION: (Que No. 83 to 84) Six friends are sitting in a circle and are facing the centre ofthe circle. Bela is between Champa and Chameli. Juhi is between Merry and Rosy. Champa and Merry are oppositeto each other.
83.       Who is opposite to juhi?
            A)        Bela
84.       Who is opposite of Chamell?
            A)        Rosy
DIRECTION:  (Que. No. 85 & 86) in each of the following questions which alternative will replace the questionmark (?)
85.       4:20: :6:?
            A)        42
86.       Cow: Milk : : ? : Wood
            A)        Tree
DIRECTION : (Que. No 87 & 88) Read the following information to answer these questions.
Six members of a family A,B,C,D,E and F are Architect, Chemist, Librarian, Teacher, Direction and Manager but not in the same order.
I.                   Direction is the grandfather of F who is an Architect.\
II.                Chemist D is married to A.
III.             C who is a teacher is married to the Librarian.
IV.             B is the mother of and F
V.                There are two married couple in the family
87.       What is the profession of E?
            C)        Manager
88.       How many male members are there ijn the family?
            . D)      Cannot be determined
89.       AZB/Z_ABA_A_B_BA
              D)      ZAZZ
90.       2398, 23_9,-983,28_3,_
            A)        2893
91.       3,_,17,24,31,_,45,_
            C)        10, 38, 52
92.       1331,_,3375, 4913,_,9261
            A)        2197, 6859
93.       If ‘OPTIONAL’ is written as ‘ITPOLANO’ how is ‘PRACTICE’ written is that code?
            B)        CARPECIT
94.       Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
            C)        Femur
95.       In a certain code ‘Ki pit lit means ‘some small houses’. ‘les ki tim means ‘some good buildings’ and ‘tim nis lit’ means ‘many small buldings’. What is the code for ‘houses’?
            C)        Pit
96.       Which of the following diagrams indicates the best relation between bakery, cake and biscuit?
97.       Find the missing number in the following figure:
            C)        216
98.       In the following figure the rectangle represents Tennis players, the square represents Badminton players and the circle represents Football players. Find out the player who is a Tennis player and Badminton player but not Football player:
            B)        5
99.       If with the first, fourth, sixth and seventh letters of the word ‘HOSPITALITY’, a meaningful word isformed then what is the last letter of that word?
            A)        H
100.     Rashmi ranks seventeenth from the top and forty ninth from bottom in a class. How many students are there in the class?
            B)        65